@Anool had the awesome idea of having a Travelling Hacker Box for members of this community.

I am creating this discussion post so that everyone can sign up by commenting here, and then I can start working on the logistics. I am already excited about what all things I am putting in the box to get the ball rolling - it's going to be awesome!

If you aren't familiar with the concept - check this project on Hackaday!

I am going to be sending out a box with some stuff this weekend, so do sign up by commenting below with a "+1" or something similar :)

Rules are simple 

  1. You remove 1 object, and replace it with atleast one object. More than 1 is most welcome, but let's not make the box very bulky.
  2. No food or anything that will be a problem for shipping (liquids for example)
  3. The value of the items should be more or less similar - no oscilloscopes, and also no jumper cables :)
  4. Everyone posts photos of how they got the box, what they found in it. They don't post how they are sending the box, or what they are adding to it. The latter part of this rule will help with creating suspense for the next receiver.
  5. I'll maintain the linked list of people, and make sure that people are warned beforehand about when to expect parcels, etc.

Do these rules make sense? What else should I add here? Let me know in the comments!