I have been meaning to do this for a while, but was waiting for Conf 2021.1 to get done. Now that it's 2 weeks since that, I think it's time to begin work on this!


  1. We should curate a list of books. This is to give people time to buy/borrow them - and also because some books have a higher impact if you've read some other books before it. See the suggestions so far here
  2. If there are exercises in the book, we should create a GitHub repo and solve them, discuss them, review them - together. If there are variants to the exercises that we can come up with, we should document and do those as well.
  3. Every book reading should have a known list of people who are participating.
  4. It's not necessary that all members of the Book Club should participate in all the readings - obviously.
  5. After each logical section of the book - could be chapters, or something else - we document what we learned from it. IMO the best way to do this would be as a GitHub repo (the same that has the exercise). That way we have a standard way of discussing, reviewing, making changes, and preserving history.
  6. We should do 1 book per month.


Do the rules above make sense? What did I miss? What seems extra?