I decided to get the Prusa Mini recently for my home lab. Here's the breakout of how much I had to pay  -

Cost36686 INR488 USD
  • 399$ for my printer configuration (both steel sheets, filament sensor)
  • 89$ for shipping
  • The INR value is dependent on your credit
    card, currency conversion charges, that day's
Customs16173 INR This comes to 44% of the cost. The split is 28% GST, 7.5% customs, and the rest was DHL's handling charges
Total52859 INR  

44% feels okay for importing a really good FDM printer like the Prusa Mini,  but if I was getting a SLA printer like Prusa SL1 which starts at 1400$ - it would mean I end up paying over 2000$ for it.