Build structures by creating voids

One way to build structures is with stone. Stone that you remove from the ground that you are standing on. This creates a void in the ground – something that we have depended on for centuries.

Wells. Lakes. Water bodies.

Bhutanatha temple

Notice how the temple - built with stone - is surrounded by a water body. A water body formed when stone was mined to build the temple.

Typically these water bodies are called Temple tanks. Or Stepwells. They serve as a valuable store for water - and perhaps that was the main intention here. If you are left over with a lot of stone after an excavation for a well – perhaps you'd like to use it to build something without expensive transport.

In contrast, a lot of complicated (for the time) engineering went into building the pyramids. Here's a video I recently came across -

I love examples, in architecture or otherwise, where the leftover parts of a project were used as the starting point of another project.