Internship program – Summer ā€˜19

We have sponsored collegiate level projects in the past, but this year we are trying something that we haven’t tried before – interns!

We work with a lot of technology from a couple of domains, at a fast pace. At Makerville, we have the deadline-driven get-it-done approach of event agencies, the geekiness of software agencies, and the grind of a wood workshop.

To give a quick summary-

  • Paid internships (we don’t believe in unpaid internships and neither should you)
  • 30 or 60 day internship starting from the 1st of May
  • Lunch and evening snacks at our office
  • Weekly events where you work on learning projects
  • A Lifetime Invitation to our Monthly BarbecuesĀ© šŸ¤™šŸ½

Part time/full time work

Internships are not the only thing that’s cooking here at Makerville. We are also looking for full time or part time hires for our sales, digital marketing, and tech teams. If you find our work interesting, don’t hesitate to send us a line at [email protected]

New, but not really!

We have been working on some things here at Makerville – our blog, our workplace, and a renewed vigour. If you have visited our site before, you will notice that it’s changed quite a bit as well!

In 2015 we set out to build awesome new things at the intersection of the physical and the digital. To that effect we worked on quite a bunch of things (check out our Projects page) and we are committed to continue building on the same line.

Stay tuned while we do some housecleaning on our website!