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Vishwas liked 7 months ago

Indian e-commerce stores for procuring components

Usually when you want a couple of components - while prototyping - you tend to use different suppliers as opposed to when you are manufacturing at scale. Availability becomes an important metric at such times. That's why I'd created a... (More)

Mridul liked 2 months ago

Demise of EnTc in India


There was a recent discussion on Makerville's telegram group about how students of electronics end up doing jobs made for computer engineering graduates. Makerville is a community of hardware designers, so this is of course disconcerting - as these... (More)

Anool liked a reply 6 months ago

Travelling Hacker Box - Desi edition!

@Anool had the awesome idea of having a Travelling Hacker Box for members of this community.

I am creating this discussion post so that everyone can sign up by commenting here, and then I can start working on the logistics.... (More)

Sitaram liked 6 months ago

DIY constant-current/constant-voltage power supply

I built a small desktop power supply, which has profiles, and can output constant-current, or constant-voltage - from 0 to 48V.

This means that I can use it to charge batteries as well! I am using the same DC-DC converter... (More)