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Saurabh liked 23 days ago

Why start a community for Indian makers?

  1. Wisdom related to manufacturing, production, supply chain, and design for physical products is localized. That's why the "Indian" constraint
  2. I have been doing hardware for a bit now, and there's just so much to learn it's overwhelming at times. Starting... (More)
Sitaram liked 7 days ago

Indian e-commerce stores for procuring components

Usually when you want a couple of components - while prototyping - you tend to use different suppliers as opposed to when you are manufacturing at scale. Availability becomes an important metric at such times. That's why I'd created a... (More)

Anuj updated 4 days ago
I am creating a list of Indian service providers specializing in helping with physical products. Think CAD-CAM, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, CNC, and more. - - - - Who else should be on the list?... (More)

I wonder how the ban of Aliexpress and other apps will affect us

Just saw this -

I can still access the websites, but I am fairly certain that they will go next in this pseudo war. Needless to say, a lot of us rely on Aliexpress and other similar sites for... (More)